#BookReview – “Cinnamon and Sugar” by RW Richard


Humphrey Bertrand’s genius-level IQ can’t help him find his moral compass. His family is filled with racial conflicts and he struggles to find his own way. But he cannot let anyone drown, regardless of their skin color. Alicia Bloom, a gifted valedictorian and poet runs away from an abusive situation. While she is thankful to Humphrey for saving her life, she doesn’t want to be tied to anyone. When an attempt on her life forces them to hit the road together to stay one step ahead of a murderous maniac they wonder if their dreams of a future will be put on hold permanently.


White separatist Humphrey Bertrand is torn between what he feels in his heart and what he’s been taught all his life. He loves his liberal mother, but he follows in his racist father’s footsteps. After he saves a black girl from drowning, his life changes forever.

Black rights activist Alicia Bloom can only depend on herself. Then she meets Humphrey and everything changes. With news reporters and the whole country watching their every move and with bad guys moving in on them, they have no choice but to band together and fight for a future. But will that future be one they share together or go at alone?

Humphrey and Alicia are interesting, conflicted characters. They’ve led difficult lives with other people expecting and demanding things from them.

I normally don’t read YA books, but this one felt more like NA due to the political and social subject matter. It’s a story about hope, redemption, understanding, and learning to love yourself before loving someone else. A lot of people, both teenagers and adults, could likely identify with these characters.

4 Stars

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