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#BookReview – “Alora’s Love Potion” by Rosalie Redd

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This is a collection of short stories from the Warriors of Lemuria series. These stories are based on Alora’s love potion from Untouchable Lover, book 1 in the series. This collection contains:

  • Four short stories – Come to Me, Be with Me, Catch Me, and Remember Me.
  • Each story contains a unique couple on their journey to love, but also a cameo appearance of a character from Untouchable Lover.
  • Chapter from Untouchable Lover when the love potion falls through a Lemurian portal and lands on Earth.
  • Bonus chapter from Remember Me.

Story Summary  

Alora, a goddess from the planet Lemuria, accidentally drops a love potion through a portal. The small vial lands in Portland, Oregon’s Forest Park. Once discovered, the alluring liquid can ignite adventure and passion leading to a meant-to-be love for those that open it, if they’re brave enough to take the risk.


This collection of short stories is a spin-off from the Warriors of Lemuria series. In Untouchable Lover, the first book of the main series, the goddess Alora drops a love potion through a portal and it lands on Earth. These short stories follow the people who find the vial.

In “Come to Me,” Cassandra finds a strange glass vial while hiking in the woods. Though she’s immensely attracted to her friend and hiking partner, Adam, she doesn’t think he’ll ever see her as anything more than a friend. Once they open the vial and sniff the liquid inside, their true feelings come to light.

4 Stars

In “Be With Me,” Jo is sick of being used and discarded by her boyfriends. Her friend Cassandra gave her a small vial months ago, a supposed love potion, but Jo doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff. While driving late at night in the woods, she ends up hitting a panther. Help arrives in the form of Charlie: a volunteer first responder. When the vial magically opens on its own, the attraction between them becomes so much more.

4 Stars

In “Catch Me,” Emily has given up on love, no longer believing she can trust a man after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Then she runs into Brandon, her old high school prom date, at the grocery store. After a little accident and the opening of the magic vial, the connection between Emily and Brandon flared hot all over again.

5 Stars

In “Remember Me,” Jennifer and Shaun met over a year ago and hit it off right away. Though he promised to call her, he never did, and Jen still misses him. When he calls her from out of the blue, Jen has to decide on giving the spontaneous man she wants another chance, or staying with the dependable man she already has. With a love potion on hand, however, her heart may easily win the battle.

5 Stars

I really enjoyed these four short stories. Each H/h were likable, well-rounded characters, and though the romance happened between them quickly, it felt believable. The stories are both sweet and sexy. Definitely a good book!

Book Overall – 4.5 Stars

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