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#SeriesSpotlight #GuestPost – “Love in the Kingdom” by Amber Cross

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Birth Order Matters, Right?

I find it fascinating how birth order affects us and shapes our personalities, evident in my LOVE IN THE KINGDOM books. 

Abby is the oldest child of parents who split up; an overachiever, spunky, brilliant, and absolutely devoted to her younger brothers. Meet her in Precedent for Passion:

Their attraction set a precedent no one else could match…

Abby’s imagination hadn’t been playing tricks with her memory. Glen Plankey is still so attractive he makes her toes curl, even fifteen years after first meeting him in a court room. And that voice! Deep and authoritative, she practically melts into a puddle at the sound of it. She can’t wait to see more of him. Glen can’t get away fast enough. Everything about Abby reminds him of a terrible day in his life, yet his brain turns to adolescent mush at her curves and his heart skips a beat every time she smiles. Soon undeniable attraction leads to scorching passion and grows into a true love affair. But is it strong enough to survive when he thinks she has played him for a fool?

I can’t remember if I planned to write the brothers’ stories when I began Precedent for Passion, but by the end I knew. Follow Romney’s story in Tender Possession:

Can he charm his way into her heart?

Emmeline Charbonneau spent most of her life protecting others from her father’s violent mood swings and erratic behavior. Now that he’s gone she isn’t so much relieved as cast adrift. She desperately needs an anchor. Romney Wilson is his mother’s second son and his father’s second child. Success may take him all over the world, but he is still that youngest sibling trying to find his place in it. Quite simply, he needs to be needed. The connection between them is immediate and strong. But can she trust this impulsive and spontaneous charmer to stick around? And will he get past her wall of self-preservation only to scare her away?

David “grounds” his brilliant siblings. The reliable middle child. Unflappable until he meets the exciting Jonnie Moulton in Open Door to Love:

A hot chef in a cold climate makes this wild woman want to settle down…

Jonnie Moulton’s chance for a fresh start as Somerset’s marketing consultant might be over before it begins unless she can convince David Wang she knows what she’s doing and isn’t the desperate woman he met three years ago. This confident new Jonnie makes David’s blood sizzle. He plans to keep her close and not just because she’s living in one of his resort cabins. He “gets” her like no one else. She excites him more every day. But is this simply passion, or have they found an open door to love?

I thought I was done, but Lisa had her own ideas. HR director at the hospital in Tender Possession, Jonnie’s best friend in Open Door to Love, she screamed, “Write my story!” So I did: A Full-Bodied Love.

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Author Bio: 

Amber Cross was raised on a family farm in New England, one of a dozen siblings, each one inspiring her writing in some way. She still lives in that same small town with her husband and the youngest of their five children. She loves spending time in the woods, in the water, and watching people because every one of them has a unique and fascinating story to tell.


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