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#BookReview – “The Many Lives of Hadley Monroe” by Bec McMaster

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When the clock stops ticking, and the storm rolls in, Hadley Monroe knows exactly what’s going on. Forty years ago her grandfather made a pact with Death, and now Death has come calling again.

Forced to make a deal with the reaper, Hadley has only three weeks to answer his question, or he’ll take her grandmother too. The problem is, there’s no way to answer it, and three weeks is not long enough with the reaper who’s beginning to steal her heart…


Raised by her grandparents, Hadley Monroe only wants to escape her small Southern town and finally start living her life, but she’s stuck working dead-end jobs and taking care of her ailing grandmother. She’s already lost her grandfather, so she’s desperate to help Gramma. Then a mysterious man shows up at her house, and she makes a deal with him.

Death wants to know why humans always ask for more time when he comes to reap their souls. Hadley’s tenacity intrigues him, so he gives her a month to answer his question, never expecting his unending existence to change forever.

I really enjoyed this short story. Death isn’t portrayed as a gnarled old grim reaper as he is in most horror books or movies, but he’s not a typical romance hero either. He was a very interesting character and surprisingly human.

Hadley is a strong woman. I liked the twist at the end, but I saw it coming.

Overall, this is a good, emotional story with a romantic subplot, and I would like to read more stories along this vein.

4 Stars

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