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#BookReview: “Winter Solstice in the Crystal Castle” by Jennifer Ivy Walker

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Gabrielle is a flame haired, fire hearted French princess who dreams of becoming a Valkyrie warrior queen like her Viking ancestors from Normandy. Sent to Paris to learn the proper etiquette for a future French queen, she is called home to le Château de Beaufort for a forced marriage to a man she loathes when her father the king’s precarious health takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Chivalrous, solitary knight Sir Bastien de Landuc suffers an impossible love for Gabrielle, the unattainable princess he can never have. Without a title of nobility, he is ineligible to compete in the tournament for her hand in marriage, despite his unparalleled equestrian skills and inimitable swordsmanship. Yet, Yuletide wishes for a wondrous winter solstice in the glorious Crystal Castle might make impossible dreams come true.

Can the valiant knight win the coveted hand of his Viking Valkyrie?


Princess Gabrielle returns home to the French kingdom of Finistere at the behest of her ailing father. To secure her future and that of the kingdom, the king and his loyal nobles plan a joust in which the champion will receive her hand in marriage. Gabrielle, however, knows her own heart—and it belongs to her childhood friend and equestrian trainer, Bastien.

Bastien de Landuc is the king’s Master of Horses and becomes the princess’s royal guard, but as an untitled knight, he cannot participate in the joust. Then he saves her life, and his circumstances change for the better.

Another great book by Ms. Walker! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from her, and this one was no exception. It takes place in the same world as her trilogy, The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven, and features several characters from that series, but it’s a standalone novel. If you haven’t read the previous books, no worries, but if you have, you’ll be much more moved by Lancelot’s meeting with the young child, Gaston. I really want to read Lancelot’s story, so I hope Ms. Walker will release it soon.

Gabrielle and Bastien are wonderful characters. They’re so in love, but the duty and honor stand in the way of their happiness. I was so happy when they found their way to one another.

Lovers of steamy Medieval romances will certainly enjoy Winter Solstice in the Crystal Castle. And with it being set during the Christmas season, you can’t go wrong with this book.

4 Stars

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