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#BookReview: “Divine Vintage” by Sandra L. Young

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Tess Burton is always up for a vintage adventure, and she’s risked her inheritance to open Divine Vintage clothing boutique. While modeling an elegant Edwardian trousseau gown, her mind is opened to a century-old crime of passion. Visions—seen through the eyes of the murdered bride—dispute local lore that claims the bridegroom committed the crime.

Trey Dunmore doesn’t share her enthusiasm for mind-blowing visions, yet the appeal to clear his family’s tainted legacy compels him to join her in exploring the past. Aided by the dead woman’s clothing and diary, Tess and Trey discover that pursuing love in 1913 was just as thorny as modern day. As the list of murder suspects grows, the couple fears past emotions are influencing, and may ultimately derail, their own blossoming intimacy.


Tess Burton has always had an affinity for vintage clothing, so she’s opened a shop to showcase and sell her treasures. She also has a special gift—when holding a piece of clothing, she can sometimes feel or see what the previous owner felt or did while wearing the outfit. Then she meets Trey Dunmore and his family. The strength of her visions increase, and soon, she’s stuck in the middle of a century-old murder mystery. Did Edward really kill his beloved new wife Phoebe before killing himself? Tess is determined to find out.

At first, Trey is skeptical of Tess’s visions, but then he has some of his own. With the spirit of Phoebe communicating through Tess, and Trey’s ancestor Edward communicating through him, Trey and Tess become embroiled in more than an old whodunit, but in affairs of the heart.

Wow. What a great story! The mystery of who killed Phoebe and Edward kept me turning the pages. I love how the diary entries and the visions/flashbacks kept growing and giving more pieces of the puzzle. It was entertaining to watch Tess’s life unfold along the same lines as Phoebe’s did—as in having three potential suitors. Despite the decades between them, Tess and Phoebe mirrored each other so well that I was worried Tess would meet the same fate as the poor bride.

Tess and Trey were great together. The love scenes faded to black, so if you prefer clean reads, this book is your cup of tea.

All in all, Divine Vintage is a fun, fresh, slow-burn romantic mystery with compelling characters and a strong story line to keep you invested for the long haul.

4.5 Stars

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