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#BookReview – “Come the Night” by Susan Krinard


The Great War has ended
And Gillian Maitland is to marry a werewolf of her father’s choosingensuring the purity of their noble bloodline. Still, she can’t forget Ross Kavanaugh, the American whose forbidden touch unleashed a passion she’d never known. And when Ross returns unexpectedly to England, he’s no longer the man she remembers, but a hard-boiled ex-cop who harbors a dark secret.
The discovery that they have a son makes Ross even more determined to prove his worth to Gillian, despite being merely a quarter werewolf. Then a mysterious spate of murders casts him under a pall of suspicion, and torn between duty and desire, Gillian knows she must drive Ross away. Even as their hunger for each other grows by the hour.


In the third Roaring Twenties novel, proper English werewolf Gillian Maitland Delvaux sails across the Atlantic to New York City in search of her runaway son. Toby, just eleven years old, is searching for the father he’s never known.

Ross Kavanaugh met Gillian during the Great War, and they fell in love. Then she left him without an explanation. As part werewolf, he can’t shift into a wolf, so he thought she didn’t consider him good enough. Now an ex-cop, he’s lost his reputation, his job, and most of his friends after he’s accused of murder. He never expected a little boy to track him down or to see Gillian again. Though he’s furious and hurt that Gillian never told him about their son, he understands why she didn’t. After all, he was right—she doesn’t believe he was good enough for her. But Toby and Gillian’s brother, Hugh, see the attraction still between Ross and Gillian, and they do everything possible to bring the unlikely lovers back together.

Ross is amazing! He’s been through such a horrible time and his self-esteem is about shattered. He quickly falls head over heels for his son, but he has nothing to offer the boy. He still loves Gillian, despite the way she’d treated him, but he often questions her ability to be a good parent (as he should).

I didn’t like Gillian at all, but I felt sorry for her. She acted like a strong woman and a good mother when she wasn’t around her cruel father, but her strength sometimes seemed like bullying. Even though she loves her son, she’s been brainwashed into believing werewolf bloodlines should be pure (no human blood) and that her only purpose in life was to give birth to full-blooded pups. It took her forever to realize her father was wrong and that marrying a Nazi werewolf who hates her son was a bad idea.

Despite my dislike of the heroine, I enjoyed the story for Ross, Toby, and Hugh. There were several villains in the book, but Ethan and his mother were the most tragic ones. There were more sex scenes in this book than in the previous two, but the romance between the H/h was often strained. Of the three books, this one is the most emotional and heart wrenching, with book two being a close second.

4 Stars