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#BookReview – “The Alien Weredragon Mail-Order Bride” by Jenny Foster


Zavir Tharok is a man who knows only one goal: the preservation of his race.

He is cold.
He is strong-willed.
Above all, he is determined to never give up.

To minimize his effort, he orders women for himself and his men from Earth, instead of abducting them. These women know what awaits them and will not put up any resistance.

After all, the goal is not to woo women with sweet words, but to make them the mothers of the next generation.

But one woman on board tests his cold attitude.

Sally Smith is playing both sides of the fence, and is pushing his legendary self-control to the limit…

A Sci-Fi Romance SHORT STORY. Warning: For adult readers only.


Sally Smith is on a mission to collect weredragon DNA, so she signs up to be a mail-order bride to the alien shape-shifters that have come to Earth, now a starving, almost desolate planet. Once on the aliens’ ship bound for their home planet, she meets the ship’s captain, Zavir, and the attraction between them is instant.

Zavir’s people need human women to procreate and continue their species, so they’ve made an arrangement with the Earth’s governments for willing human women. Zavir is nothing but kind to Sally, but her secrets could ruin their relationship before it ever really gets started.

The H and h are likeable characters. Sally is strong-willed, Zavir is confident, and they make for a good couple.

I really liked this short story but wished it would’ve been longer. It’s told in third person, only from Sally’s POV. Though it ended abruptly and on a cliffhanger, there’s definitely a HEA in sight.

4 Stars