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NEW Excerpt from Lost Hearts in the Bayou!

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Brand new, never before seen EXCERPT! This hot contemporary romance will heat you up and knock your socks off!

Lost Hearts in the Bayou book cover


After Julie crashes her helicopter in the Louisiana swamp, she finds help from a sexy scientist—who happens to be her ex. Too bad Seth is the all-work-and-no-play type. How will she convince him to set aside his work and take a chance on her? Or is a second shot at love too much to hope for?

— This is a 5,100 word complete short story
— Formally published in the Sultry Summer Sizzle Anthology
— Newsletter Exclusive ONLY

Excerpt (R-rated)

She flattened her palms on his chest to push him away but gripped his shirt instead. The heat radiating from him flushed her skin. Her mouth dried. “We shouldn’t do this.”
“Why not? The rest of the world is gone, at least for now. The storm has made sure of it.” He trailed his fingertips down her neck. “I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?”
“More than I can say.” One more time wouldn’t hurt, right? Her heart leapt as he brushed a soft, feathery kiss on her lips. His stubble teased her skin as he clasped her close. She moaned, melting against him, and swept her tongue along his teeth. Yummy. His cinnamon taste jacked up her desire another notch. She jerked on his T-shirt.
He pulled back, yanked the garment over his head, and swooped her into his arms.
She gasped, then giggled. How long had it been since that feminine sound escaped her mouth? She skimmed her fingers through his coarse chest hair as he strode to the other room. The full-sized bed welcomed her like a mound of clouds as he laid her down, and she gripped the standard bluish-gray blanket to not pull him into bed with her.
Seth flipped the light switch by the door, sinking the room into shadows, and turned on the bedside lamp. The yellow glow sharpened the planes of his face. He jerked off his remaining clothes and pumped his erection. A drop of pre-cum seeped from the slit. His broad shoulders and toned chest tapered into a narrow waist and a pair of long legs.
Thank God for good physical genetics. Most geeks weren’t so cut. She stripped nude and spread her legs as she reclined. For some reason, she’d made sure to shave her legs, bikini area, and beneath her arms before leaving home. Was it intuition?
“You’re so beautiful.” He knelt between her bent knees and slid his touch along the inner curve of her thigh.
“Oh, my.” His heated touch trailed higher and brushed her clitoris.
“Squirt for me. Let me taste you.”

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