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#CharacterInterview – “Nyarlathotep’s Journey” by C.L. Hart

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The hero/heroine from C.L. Hart’s new short story is chatting with me today. I love talking with characters, so let’s get started…

Author: C.L. Hart
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Lovecraftian Fiction


3000 words (approximate)

Heat Level


This story contains no graphic erotic scenes. It features a heterosexual romantic bond and a birth scene.


This story reveals the origins of the ancient cosmic sorceress Yadira Root, daughter of the Outer God Nyarlathotep, and Queen Nathicana of the doomed world of Zaïs. It provides a unique interpretation of Nyarlathotep, the most nuanced and intelligent of H.P. Lovecraft’s Outer Gods.


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“Dear Nathicana, allow me to aid you,” Nyarlathotep offered. “I delight in granting wishes. If you and I work together, I am sure that we shall bring optimal happiness to multiple souls. We shall discuss our strengths and shortcomings and the attributes of those we hope to assist.”

“I accept your offer of assistance with every bit of zeal that my weary soul is able to muster,” Nathicana replied as she gripped Nyarlathotep’s hand. “I had almost given up hope of finding you, but I put all my energies into one last attempt at believing that my wish could come true. You are a creator, and I am a weaver. Forgive me, but I must close my eyes and dream for a time so I may refresh my energies. It has been so long since I have been able to rest.”

“Then rest you shall, for as long as you need,” Nyarlathotep declared. “You will sleep, and I will observe your dreams. Through you, I will respond to the multitude of wishes, and when you wake, we will walk in your beautiful garden and learn all there is to know of one another.”

As Nathicana slept for the first time in many millennia, Nyarlathotep gently gripped her hand. Their minds connected, and he sensed the multitude of beings pleading with the arbiter of fate for assistance, for guidance, for mercy. He followed one after another of these paths, bringing hope to a multitude of searching souls through their dreams. 

When Nathicana woke at last, she felt refreshed for the first time in eons. She greeted Nyarlathotep with a smile, her dark almond eyes filled with joy. Nyarlathotep’s heart was glad although the suffering he had encountered on his dream journey weighed upon his soul.

“I am so grateful that you found me, Nyarlathotep,” Nathicana said, gently caressing the renegade god’s angular cheek. “I do not think that I could have withstood one more day with all the sorrows of the Cosmos weighing on my shoulders. Thank you for lifting this burden from me.”

“We will bear the burden together from this day forward,” Nyarlathotep resolved, gripping Nathicana’s hands. “We will dream together and assist as many of those who call for our aid as we can. However, I must insist that we also take time to refresh ourselves, to replenish in the garden sanctuary, and to simply enjoy being together. I wish to learn all that you are willing to reveal, and I will tell you anything you wish to know about me.”

Thus, Nathicana and Nyarlathotep worked and planned and dreamed together. They traveled across the Cosmos and back again and walked in the peaceful gardens of Zaïs every evening. 


C.L. Hart is a 57-year-old disabled former nurse living in a remote town on the plains of Northeastern Colorado with her adult son and three cats. When not writing gloomy Lovecraftian fantasy or doomy dystopian fiction, Ms. Hart enjoys baking (results may vary) and drawing (admissibly badly.) 

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