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Today, author Bernadette Jones is chatting with me about her sexy romance book, A Better Man. Let’s get started…

What kind of research did you do for A Better Man

My heroine is a pole sport performer. AKA pole dancer. Pole work is a sport, soon to be added to the Olympics just like other gymnastic sports. Most people would be shocked at the physical strength required. I immersed myself in videos, documentaries, written descriptions and reports. I am excited to see that people are finally seeing it as an artistic expression.

That’s awesome! Are your characters based on anyone you know?

The heroine (Breezy) is loosely based on a young woman I met several years ago. She worked in a gentlemen’s club while putting herself through college. She didn’t want the horrific debt so many of her friends were left with after graduation.  She had a very specific game plan and goal.

That sounds like a woman I can admire. Do any of your characters take over and write the book themselves sometimes?

Always! Most of my characters come to me like a film roll. Once I see them in action, they tell me their story. It’s my job to get it down on paper.

Haha. It’s crazy how we have the same job. 🙂 How long have you been writing? When did you decide to become an author?

From the time I picked up my first book, I always wanted to write. I know, every writer says that. Which is exactly why those of us who are authors are what we are. I wrote for about 15 years trying to go the traditional route, and actually made it to the buying table, but never got the final call. Life happened and I had to step away for a few years. When I came back, indie authors were a legitimate option and I started self-publishing. I love it!!! I now can write the real story of my heart and not a watered-down version of real life.

All writers suffer from writer’s block at least once in their career. What’s your go-to cure?

Butt in chair. I spent years in jobs where you had to show up. Being an author is the same. Some days are easy, some are darn hard work.

Boy, don’t I know it! Sometimes the romance genre gets a bad reputation for being cliché and full of Fabios. How do you respond to that?

Ah Fabio! What a hunk in his day. Actually, he’s still good looking. 

The reality is, yes there are some cliché books out there, because that is what some readers want to read. Let them. Everyone deserves their simple joy, be it romcom on TV or gentle romance reads. As long as they do not criticize others for their choices.

There are also some authors trying to write about real life and situations such as poverty, abuse, bigotry, elitism where love is still the foundation of hope. If you want a more diverse romance, you can now find it with indie authors. 

I agree. Indie books are so diverse and a wonderful move away from the cliche romance of yesteryear. We all need a little inspiration in our lives. What’s your favorite quote and why?

This is one of my favorite quotes for writers. It tells us our job.

“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” ~ Albert Camus

Oh, I like that. Any advice for the aspiring authors out there? Particularly those who are feeling a little discouraged?

Write for yourself, for the love of it. Whether you sell or not, the joy and satisfaction are still yours.

So true! Thank you so much for visiting, Bernadette!


Stripped of everything, her life threatened, she’s forced to trust a stranger. 

Kicked out of her home as a teenager, Breezy Richards made a life for herself. Never asking permission or explaining her choices. Always in control of her destiny. Now she’s hiding from a stalker, trying to stay alive back in the one place she never thought she’d call home again: Spencer, Colorado.

The military had been the only escape for JackDaniels Vaughn. He quickly embraced the loner lifestyle, committed only to the next mission and his comrades. He’d sworn never to settle down moving from job to job, city to city, always searching for the elusive sense of purpose. Until he’s asked to protect Breezy Richards. 

Loving her made him a better man. Can he keep her alive long enough to tell her?


New Year’s Eve

You never should have run from me. Did you really think you could hide? Did you think I wouldn’t find you? Did you think exposing me would protect you?” His laugh echoed from her computer speakers. “I’m coming, sweet Breezy. Soon. Very soon.”

Breezy stared at her monitor, her hand trembled over the mouse. Images of her, battered and bloody body, unfurled on her monitor

The images and sound dissolved as effortlessly as they’d appeared on her monitor. The commanding picture of the German Shepherd she’d been viewing for adoption once again filled her screen. 

The sound of her real name on his lips sucked the breath from her chest. Staggering to her feet, her desk chair skidded across the floor. 

“You aren’t going to win,” she promised herself. Grabbing her phone and Jethro, her sawed off shotgun and constant companion of late, she took the stairs down to her shop and studio. 

Tensely, she flipped on the light and made her way through the store. She paused and glanced out the window facing the street before checking the main entrance door. With a hesitant sigh of relief, she headed back to the rear dance studio. 

She crossed to the wine chiller under the buffet table and grabbed a bottle of premium vintage wine. A burst of early firecrackers sent a shock down her spine and she almost dropped the bottle. Breezy rolled the cold glass against her forehead. She needed to get a grip. She couldn’t lose it now.

She’d been confident her stage name, Daphne, would keep her safe. But for weeks something inside her had known. Had dreaded this night. He knows where you are. He knows about Whimsy. How had he found her?

A thump, thump of boots on the stairs at her backdoor sent her spinning seconds before the bold knock. 

“Miss Richards, are you in there?” Another knock, then another. “Miss Richards, I saw the light.” 

Clutching Jethro to her side she crossed to the door, flipped on the lights and called out. “Who the hell are you and what do you want?” 

“A friend sent me to check on you.”


“IrishMist, Ivy. She heard you’re looking for a dog.”

“And you have one?” Breezy asked.

JackDaniels laughed. “I should have known she wouldn’t make this easy. Text her Miss Richards. I’ll wait.” Ivy had told him Intimate Whimzy was a pole dance studio and adult toy and lingerie store. Its owner was an independent woman but something had been off lately. She was concerned for her friend.

Five minutes later the woman in question opened the door, a bottle of wine cradled under one arm, the other arm held tightly against her side and angled away from him. He suspected she was trying to hide a weapon. 

Fingers hooked in his front jean pockets, leather jacket open, he smiled at the vision in front of him. Red hair had been twisted in a messy bun on top of her head. She wore gray tights, black boy-short underwear and an off the shoulder, gray T-shirt knotted to expose her toned midriff. A tiny diamond piercing twinkled at her navel. Pink leg warmers covered her long legs from ankle to above the knee. 

“Where’s the dog?”

He smirked. “Name’s JackDaniels. People call me, Dog—DogWidABone.”

Her cognac gaze traveled carefully over the width of his shoulders, abs, waist and below his belt. He liked her brashness. Breezy Richards appeared to be one confident woman.

“Hmmm. Yes, I can see. The picture of you Ivy sent wasn’t nearly as complementary. She said you were a mangy SOB, but you could be trusted.” Dragging her eyes slowly back up she met his gaze. “I was looking for a dog with a mean streak.”

“That would be me, ma’am.” 

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Romantic Suspense Writer, Never Give Up-er,

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Bernadette Jones writes romantic suspense and mystery novels. Her books are filled with strong heroes and heroines who are looking for an equal partner in their search for answers, justice and love. The love is everlasting, the romance steamy and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a personal belief in the power of the chosen family her characters are bound to their circle of friends regardless of the cost or danger and most often a book of their own!

After a career in corporate writing and living all over the country, she’s decided to settle down and put pen to paper doing what she loves. Living the dream in her NYC apartment with her canine companion, she’s bringing her stories and characters to life.

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