#MFRWSteam – When hearts merge after heartache, a sexy excerpt from Ryan’s Temptation

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Ryan's Temptation
After Chanel witnesses a murder, how will she and her sexy neighbor flee the city with the killer in hot pursuit?


Wrong place, wrong time. Now she’s running for her life.

Beautician Chanel Leroc can wield a pair of scissors like nobody’s business. After she witnesses a murder and lands on a serial killer’s hit list, she has to figure out how to protect herself—and fast. The killer tracks her down, but her sexy new neighbor, Dr. Ryan Naylor, drives the brute off.

The police dump the pair in a witness protection program, which doesn’t last long. Either the killer has a connection to the police, or he’s far more intelligent than they realize. All Chanel wants to do is get back to her safe life and get to know her neighbor better. Instead, she and Ryan hit the road and try to survive on their own.

How will they stay alive and keep their blooming romance intact with the killer hot on their trail?

HOT Excerpt

“Ryan!” Chanel thrust up her arms. The pillow. Suffocating. Hard hands pushing down. Breathe! Her throat clogged, fear lancing through her. Were knives tearing at her flesh?

“Baby. It’s okay. Calm down.”

The soft masculine voice seeped through the ringing in her ears. Warm hands grasped her flailing arms. Firm lips feathered over her eyebrows and cheeks before caressing her lips and pushing minty air into her mouth. Heat curled through her body. She breached the veil of sleep and gasped into her lover’s mouth.

“Oh God, Ryan.” She twisted her fingers into his hair and deepened the kiss. His mouth, his taste, everything he was—she needed it, craved it. “Make love to me. Make me feel good. Help me forget.”

Ryan lay flat and drew her on top of him so that she straddled his waist. His thick erection tented his pants, pressed against the center of her plaid bottoms, and brushed her clitoris. Ooh, nice. She rolled her hips and curled her fingers in his coarse chest hair. When had he taken off his nightshirt? The faint slivers of light streaming from the window blinds streaked across her man, plunging him in bands of light and shadow. Damn right. Her man.

Every nerve ending in her body sizzled. She grasped his hard pecs, grazed his taut nipples, and lightly scraped her nails across his torso. The hair on his stomach rose like miniature trees. The muscles in his abs bunched under her palms.

“Take control. Do as you want.” Ryan rasped the words, arched his back, and gripped her hips.

Her confidence skyrocketed. How did he know what she needed? Could he read her mind, or did his compassion come from his gift of understanding? If all physicians were like him, maybe she wouldn’t detest them so much.

She licked a wet trail up his left biceps and nibbled the hard expanse. A fine sheen of sweat coated his skin—salty and sweet. Delicious.

He groaned, twisting his head from side to side, and thrust his sheathed cock across her thigh. “Why are you torturing me?”

“Because I can, and you like it.”

“Goddamn it, I do.”

Butterflies took flight in her belly. She yanked off her top, shifted sideways, and stripped off her bottoms and panties. Pleasure shot through her as he thumbed one of her taut nipples.

“Condom. My wallet.” Ryan tugged down his pajama pants and boxers.

She scurried from the bed and grabbed his jeans from the floor. After finding her prize, she knelt back over him and gripped the thick rod jutting from a nest of curls.

“Fuck, yes. Harder, Chanel.”

She rubbed up and down, drawing throaty gasps from his mouth. A pearl drop moistened her hand and aided the slide. She ripped open the packet and eased the latex onto his erection.

“Let me ready you.” He leaned up and grasped her leg.

“Shh. I can’t wait another minute.”

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    1. Haha! Same with me. The last time I went to a salon was well over 10 years ago too. I’ve been cutting both mine and my hubby’s hair, and I’m actually pretty good at it, thank goodness. Yeah, Chanel is having lots of fun with the good doc.

    1. Me too, Fiona. I love how Ryan takes care of her, giving her what she needs. And that it’s super hot is just a bonus for us readers. 😉

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