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Dangerous Entanglements
Release Date: December 6th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Blurb for the Dangerous Entanglements box set

Passion, just like all of life’s entanglements can be…dangerous.

From mind twisting thrillers to pulse-pounding suspense, this limited-edition collection of today’s hottest best-selling authors has something for all tastes.

Whether you are on the edge of your seat or curled up into a ball with fright, this set from Romance Collections will not disappoint.

Step inside the minds of these characters. Ride along with them on their journeys. Indulge in their action-filled tales of suspense.

Blurb for Trevor’s Redemption, my contribution

The danger and lies are more than she can handle.

Shea O’Bannon feels like a fifth wheel around her romantically paired-off friends, but there’s too much slime in the dating pool for her to bother with it. Then she sees her two-timing ex, Trevor Madero, serenading the mostly female crowd at a live-music bar. God knows trouble follows him around, but her desire for him rushes back in anyway. After he rescues her from a handsy drunk, temptation takes over.

Determined to prove he never stepped out on Shea, Trevor slides back into her life—and her heart—with forever in mind. Even with the wall he keeps up to protect her, his secret criminal life weighs heavy on his soul and drives a wedge between them.

When the truth comes out and his enemies target them both, they’ll have to fight for their love, or kiss it goodbye.

Tagline: Will the truth send her running, or will she fight for the man she loves?

Excerpt for Trevor’s Redemption:

“Ow.” Damn the rock concert pounding in her head. Shea smacked her lips, her tongue thick and throat drier than the desert, and dug through her medicine drawer in the kitchen. Finally! She grabbed the crinkly packet, popped some ibuprofen, and chased it with the cool, sweet wash of apple juice. A chill coursed through her as shame heated her cheeks. What had she been thinking, getting drunk and propositioning Trevor, then crying in front of him? Of all the nights for some crazy, horny lady to take over her mind and body. He must think her a fool. Or a louse.

After she corked the half-empty bottle, she dumped the merlot from hers and Trevor’s glasses into the sink and turned on the creaky faucet. Aargh. Water struck the basin like nails hitting a tin roof. She massaged her throbbing temples as her pride swirled down the drain alongside the wine and water. How many glasses had she indulged in—one, two? What if she ran into him again? Could she act as though nothing happened?

She grabbed her phone from her purse and scrolled through her contacts. Even though she’d dumped Trevor, she kept his name and number. Might as well stamp loser on her forehead. No matter how she played it, she’d morphed into a bitch last night, and he still carried her to bed. She leaned against the counter and tapped the screen, her stomach twisting.


Trevor’s deep timbre washed over her like the finest caress. She coughed to find her voice. “Hi. It’s Shea O’Bannon.”

Silence stretched through the line. He grunted as though clearing his throat. “Hey. I didn’t expect to hear from you. You doing all right?”

“Other than a hangover and being humiliated? Sure, I’m peachy.” She forced a laugh and pinched the bridge between her eyes. “I’m sorry for how I acted, and thank you for not taking me up on my offer. Had we slept together, I’d be even more embarrassed.”

“It’s okay. I’m no worse for the wear. We’ve all had bad days.”

She tightened her grip on the phone. Was he letting her off the hook?

“I gotta go. I’m at a worksite, and this doorway isn’t gonna frame itself.” He chuckled a little. “Want to meet for lunch? I always work half-days on Saturday, so I’m getting off at noonish.”

She bit her lip as the digital clock on the stove flicked to 11:33. Was lunch a good idea? “Okay. Where?” The words split her lips before she could stop them.

“How about Dayo’s Cantina in Westwood? It’s close to my apartment.”

“Fine with me. I’ll grab directions from the Internet.”

“Great. Let’s say one o’clock. I should go home and clean up first.”

“I’ll see you then. Bye.” She jabbed the screen, ending the call before she could stick her foot in her mouth. Her stomach gurgled in sudden hunger as her nausea faded. She rubbed her face, wiping off what had to be the stupidest smile ever, but her lips quirked up again.

What had she gotten herself into—a date?

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  1. tweeted. Great excerpt, loved this line:”as her pride swirled down the drain alongside the wine” and a bunch of others. Wonder which lady will take over her body when she gets to the date!

    1. Thank you, Adriana! I wrote three or four versions of this scene before it finally sounded right. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Your story sounds great and the writing in the excerpt is awesome

    1. Thanks a lot, Janet. That really means a lot!

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