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#BookReview – “Last Stop, Wylder” by Barbara Bettis

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Gunman Morgan Dodd is headed to a new life in California, where no one knows his name. Or his reputation. Just one last job to raise money for his fresh start-gunhand for a railroad agent in Wyoming. Easy enough. Until he meets the woman who could change everything.

After ending her engagement, Emily Martin longs for independence. She sets out for Wylder, Wyoming, to help her brother with his newspaper. But when she arrives, she finds he’s off investigating a story. Well, then. She’ll simply publish the paper herself until he returns. Emily’s prepared to face challenges, but not the dangerous stranger who ambushes her heart. The same man hired to destroy her livelihood.

When a common enemy threatens, Morgan and Emily must find a way to defeat danger and save their budding love. But a gunman’s word is his bond, and a lady’s trust can shatter.


Emily Martin heads to Wylder, Wyoming to visit her brother, David, the owner of the local weekly newspaper. While on the train, she meets a cowboy that she can’t stop thinking about or running into once she gets to town. Since David had unexpectedly left and closed the paper, she’s determined to reopen the business and finds help—and trouble—along the way.

Morgan Dodd’s new job at a prosperous ranch has left him uneasy. As he gets to know the townsfolk and especially the pretty newspaper woman, he and Emily wind up in the middle of a mysterious cattle theft and land grab.

I haven’t read a historical western in a long time, so this was a nice change of pace. Emily is open-minded and pragmatic, if not a little naïve, and Morgan lives in a world of gray. They come from different backgrounds but fit well together.

The secondary characters were great, especially Cissy (the bakery owner) and Tommy (the livery boy). I would’ve liked to have met Emily’s brother, David, and learn more about his relationship with Ruby (a social club/saloon girl), but that wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully, Ms. Bettis plans to write another story featuring them. I’d love to read it!

I enjoyed Ms. Bettis’s voice and writing style. The pacing flowed well and kept my attention. This is a fun book full of historical facts about railroads, newspaper printing, cattle herding, frontier living, and more. Lovers of cowboy and western romances should enjoy it.

4 Stars

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