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#BookReview: “The Taste of Spring” by Suzy Peters

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Danni, a woman who’s never left her small town, craves for adventure in the great-wide-anywhere desperate to be free of the caged life her husband keeps her in.

When the dangerously charming and mysterious Titden—a fae from the spring courts—offers her a bargain for the one thing Danni always longed for. The temptation will overpower her, daring her to take a heart led journey that tests her limits of right and wrong.

Beyond the ash tree to Faerie, a family of fae has plans of their own. Plucking strings from afar and leading Danni toward a new terrifying cage that waits just for her.

All she wanted was a little adventure, but now Danni must fight for her life… or die trying.


Danielle’s life is a nightmare. After seventeen years with Gary, her abusive, cheating husband, her self-esteem is so low. When both a stray cat and a mysterious man come onto her property, for the first time in so long, she finally finds someone who treats her right.

I don’t often read romances that touch on social issues as much as this one did, but I found Danielle’s plight interesting and heartbreaking. Even though she was miserable, she still rebelled in minor ways like being a vegetarian and feeding a stray cat. I kept rooting for her to dig deep and stand up for herself, and I cheered when she did.

Her relationship with Titden was like night and day compared to that with Gray. He respected her and showed her the love and kindness she deserved. The fact that he wasn’t human—but fae—made him all the more fascinating.

Be warned, this book has a lot of triggers. Women (or men) who have been in abusive relationships and/or experienced sexual assault should be prepared before reading this story.

There are some typos, but the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading.

Danielle’s path to her happily ever after wasn’t an easy one, but I’m happy she finally got it.

3 Stars

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