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One of the heroes from The Liberation of Mac MacCarrick is chatting with me today. Let’s get started…

Hey, thanks for coming. What’s your name, and who are you in your world?

My name is Karl Baruch MacCarrick, better known as Mac. I’m a college student heading into my junior year and hopefully back onto the football field after being sidelined for a year.

Give us a visual. What do you look like?

I’m a six-foot-five mountain of solid muscle at 240 pounds. I have brown hair cut in a flat top style and blue eyes. 

Nice! What time period and location does your story take place?

In the modern era at Trinity University, a Catholic school near Yuma, Arizona.

What’s your goal in this story?

I just want to do the right thing. I can’t keep stringing my girlfriend along if I have feelings for her brother. But what if I’m just confused. I really need to find out my truth!

That sounds like a complicated situation. How would you describe your life? 

Overall, I’ve had a good life. My parents are supportive. I’ve always been able to make friends along the way. I recently became conflicted about what direction my life was going in when I started having feelings for my girlfriend’s brother.

I bet! What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

Being sidelined from playing football for a year after suffering an accident that messed up my leg and left me comatose for two weeks.

Wow. I’m relieved you’re doing better. When you are upset, what gives you away?

The look in my eyes and the fact that I stop smiling. I don’t have a very good poker face.

Remind me to play poker with you sometime. 😉 What is your viewpoint on wealth?

It’s difficult for those who don’t have enough to live on. My family has always been solidly middle class. If I were ever to become wealthy, I’d want to share my blessings to improve the lives of others.

That’s wonderful! What do you normally wear when you leave home?

I tend to dress pretty casual. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.

Casual is always good. What event in your past has left the most profound impression on you?

That has to be the moment when I was helping rebuild the town of Concecie, Mexico after a devastating earthquake. I was ten feet up on a ladder, ensuring that the restored balcony of La Posada del Lago Azul was properly affixed to the building. It had rained the night before, and although the ground appeared dry, it was still soft under the top layer of dust. The ladder slipped, and I fell backwards. The prickly pear cactus crushed by the impact of my head saved my life. Had my head struck the ground directly, I would not be here to tell this story.

You’re fortunate. That’s for sure. What do you sleep in at night?

My roommate Adam and I have a two-bedroom apartment off campus. I have a full-size mattress that takes up a big portion of the room, but I’m a big guy. A twin size doesn’t quite cut it.

That’s a tight fit! Well, thank you again for talking with me. I wish you the best of luck.

Anthology Genre: Erotica, Steamy Romance (various sub-genres)
Heat level: Five Flames
Publication date‏ : ‎ August 1, 2023

Book Blurb

Celebrate summer with this steamy collection of short stories, perfect for a beach read!

All proceeds will go to ProLiteracy to benefit adult literacy all over the world. Visit their website at

Story Blurb

M/M Erotic Romance, Erotic Romantic Comedy

Karl “Mac” MacCarrick is an all-American boy. He’s a loyal friend, a loving son, and a dedicated student. On the surface, Mac has it all—a starting position on his Catholic college’s football team, the heart of his coach’s daughter. But Mac’s heart has never belonged to Kyauta, or any other girl, quite like he thinks it should.

After the Miracles training staff introduces alternative therapies to the team, Mac has wild dreams about his therapist, Kyauta’s handsome brother Jalil. Mac feels torn. Although he doesn’t want to hurt Kyauta, he doesn’t think it would be right to lead her on if he can’t provide her with the love she deserves.

The time has come for Mac to decide. He intends to liberate himself from his dilemma on the Fourth of July. Will he follow the path he feels is right for him, or will he adhere to the expectations of his church and society?

Story Tagline – You are only free when you accept yourself.

Pre-Order Price: $2.99

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“So, are you and Kyauta finally taking things a step further?” Jalil asked.

“What? No!” I declared, perhaps too defensively. “We’re waiting till we’re married for that kind of thing, and we’re waiting until I graduate to get married. I’m keeping my nose to the grindstone and my mind on football and homework. I’ve seen guys get wrapped up in a girl to the point where it interferes with their game and their GPA. It ain’t pretty.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Jalil agreed.

“I’m too practical to let that happen to me,” I insisted. “It would be crazy to disrupt my life by getting my girlfriend pregnant or letting intense emotions impede my academic and athletic progress. Anyway, the main thing on my mind is getting cleared to get back on the team for real. Also, excuse your dirty mind. Kyauta’s and my clothes were totally on when you came down to the den.”

“Except for your shoes and socks,” Jalil playfully chided.

“Well yeah, but only a foot fetishist gets turned on by bare feet,” I retorted. 

“So, no toe-sucking?”

“Okay, you’re a fucking weirdo,” I said. “Let me out of this SUV so I can run away from you.”

I didn’t run away, of course. I walked with Jalil to meet Father Taras and the guys, and I found myself thinking if Jalil’s feet were clean, I wouldn’t have a problem with sucking his toes.

About Lil

Lil DeVille is a former nurse who started writing erotica after becoming disabled in 2019. She enjoys imagining quirky characters involved in lusty encounters anywhere from a tropical paradise or a rustic mountain village in the present day to an all-male mining colony on an asteroid in the distant future. 

Lil likes to end her stories on a Happy for Now note with a promise of more good things to come. Although her writing sometimes addresses difficult subjects such as alcoholism or past abuse, she brings a note of love and support to scenes involving these issues.

Lil lives in a remote prairie town in Northeastern Colorado with her adult son and three cats. When she isn’t cooking up spicy stories, she enjoys baking and crafts.

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