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Release Day! Mistletoe in the City is LIVE! #NewAdult #HolidayRomance

It’s the RELEASE DAY for my steamy New Adult holiday romance, Mistletoe in the City. Thank you for celebrating with me, and I sincerely hope you enjoy Krista and Derek’s love story. Click HERE to download your own copy at the low price of 99 cents today.


Derek’s world is about to change forever—again.

After his father’s stroke, Derek Weston dropped out of college and returned home to help his parents with the family business, Oak Landing Apartments. Now living on the premises as the groundskeeper and handyman, he never expected the girl he’d secretly crushed on in high school to move into a unit right before Christmas or stir up desires he thought long gone.

Krista Hartley needs a fresh start away from her overbearing parents, but falling for the tattooed hottie who ignored her back in school wasn’t in the plans. Despite old hurts, Derek’s hot kisses and strong arms offer the shelter she craves.

When another woman sets her sight on Derek and drives a wedge between him and Krista, they’ll have to decide if their relationship is real, or just a winter fling.


Only 99 cents for a LIMITED TIME!

Mistletoe in the City is a steamy New Adult holiday romance novella. No cheating and HEA guaranteed.


“Everything is so clean. I expected a messy bachelor pad.”

He chuckled and leaned back. “Nope, that’s not for me. I can’t stand dirty floors or clothes flung everywhere. Each item belongs in a certain spot. If I leave things out and about, I usually wind up flat on my face and bruised to hell.”

“I remember that. You were a little clumsy back in school, but you seem to have outgrown it.”

“My paint-splattered arms tell a different story.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Whenever you walked into the room back then, I always panicked and either played the fool or acted like a dick. I’m still a klutz if I don’t pay attention to my surroundings. It’s one big reason why I hate clutter.”

“Believe it or not, but I always thought your clumsiness was cute and endearing. It felt more real to me than the times you put on a macho show with your moody friends.”

He stiffened and drew away from her. “Seriously? You liked that humiliating trait?”

“Yep, guilty.” She flashed him a grin and grasped his warm hand. “Are you still so nervous around me?”

“I’m a fucking wreck. I have to watch everything I do and say so I don’t put my foot in my mouth.” Crimson stained his cheeks. He cursed and ducked his head between his legs. “God, I can’t believe I said that.”

She scooted across the cushions toward him and rubbed his tense back and shoulder blades. “Now I understand why you act so cocky. You’re afraid you’ll mess up and embarrass yourself.” She tugged on his arm until he lifted his head and met her gaze. Embarrassment crimped his eyes in fine lines. “Don’t hide behind this confident guard. I like you for you. You’re a sweet person, clumsy or not, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. I want a simple, sexy, understanding man who cooks romantic meals and goes out of his way to help me move. Is that too much to ask for?”

Derek pulled her close and kissed her.

She moaned as his oh-so-strong hands tangled in her hair. Her scalp smarted, but she hardly cared. His sexy groan filled her mouth and traveled deep down her throat to reach every part of her. Oh, God. How she needed him. Craved him. She shuddered and clung to him as he pulled back for air. She dragged in a mouthful and peered up into his dark, heavily lidded eyes. She could drown in those tempestuous blues.

“It’s not too much, Krista. Not at all.” He cupped her cheek and kissed her again.

Want to keep reading? This sexy holiday romance is NOW AVAILABLE for only 99 cents. Download it today before the price goes up.

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through Daulton Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.