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GUEST POST by Adriana Kraft

What romantic pairings do you love to read? Straight f/m? Bisexual f/f/m? Lesbian f/f? I’m half of the writing duo Adriana Kraft, and we love writing (and reading) all these pairings. Our newest release is a sapphic short story we wrote for an anthology over a decade ago, then revised and updated to release under our indie imprint. Is it really erotic romance? It’s definitely erotic, featuring one of my favorite f/f scenes as Natalie is caught between her fears and her desires in the middle of the night. Since it’s a short story, I’d call it happy-for-now, with a promising future.

And the inspiration? I love New York City, and we love setting stories there. I especially love it in the winter – Rockefeller center, with its giant tree and all the skaters, Central Park, Fifth Avenue with all the shoppers and window displays. Was I ever snowbound there? No, but I was stranded for two steamy August days during the great East Coast blackout of 2003. 

Our conference was just concluding on the NYU campus in Greenwich Village when the power went out. When we left the building across from Washington Square Park, it seemed the entire city was on foot, rumors circulating wildly. Pretty quickly we knew it wasn’t just New York. With 9-11 less than two years behind us, there was speculation about the possibility of terrorism. I can’t remember how quickly that was dispelled with information about failure of the power grid in the heat wave. I do remember that several of us decided to walk the two miles north on Fifth Avenue to our hotel rather than try to board a bus. With no stoplights operating, traffic was basically gridlocked.

Part way back we found a Chinese restaurant with ready-to-go meals they had no way of keeping, and we bought supper, then sat and ate it on the steps of the beautiful beaux arts library at 42nd Street. When we finally reached the hotel, the elevator was out of service, but the staff had set out small candles on every step of the narrow spiral staircase leading up from the lobby, a welcome sight.

So many flights were cancelled that it was clear we wouldn’t get out of the city for a couple days. Some power was restored by the next day, and a friend and I took advantage of the nearby Times Square box office to get last minute discount tickets for two shows. I don’t know what adventures our heroines Natalie and Bridgette might get up to after their bedroom adventure, but I’m sure they’ll find ways to enjoy the city.

Accidental Contact, By Adriana Kraft
Release date: November 3, 2023
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Short Story
Pairing: FF
Tropes: Cougar Story, New York City, Snowbound, Just One Bed


Natalie and the much younger Bridgette are real estate agents who’ve often traveled together for business seminars. Now they’re snowbound in New York City in a hotel room with only one bed. Will Natalie dare to make her move?


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Groggily, Natalie peeked at the red numerals on the hotel clock. Midnight—they’d only been in bed for an hour.

Her eyes blinked wide open. There was a hand on her breast. She wiggled her fingers. The hand was definitely not hers. She held her breath, taking stock of her situation.

Steady breathing warmed the back of her neck. She was in danger of becoming intoxicated with Bridgette’s scent. She squirmed her bottom only to discover something solid—Bridgette’s torso, curved around hers. Fortunately, they were about the same height.

Natalie couldn’t discern whether Bridgette was awake or if she was sleepwalking in bed. She rechecked the clock. It had taken her nearly five minutes to assess her situation, and she still wasn’t sure what was happening. Her breathing faltered. She did know her nipples were growing incredibly restless.

Shutting her eyelids, she withdrew into her body to concentrate on one particular nipple. The one Bridgette’s thumb lay within an inch of.

Careful not to move any other part of her body, Natalie placed her hand over Bridgette’s. Natalie tensed, but Bridgette didn’t jerk away. The breathing on the tiny hairs of her neck remained steady.

Cautiously, Natalie moved their hands lower until Bridgette’s fingers curled around her boob. Arching back her neck, Natalie encouraged those fingers to curl tighter around the silk fabric concealing her breast. Reflexively, she nestled her butt closer to Bridgette, and Bridgette’s body undulated slightly, responding to the accidental contact.

Natalie lay for long minutes not daring to move. She tried to calm raging emotions. Finally, she resorted to breathing in tandem with Bridgette. That worked. She relaxed a bit.

She became keenly aware of Bridgette’s breasts crushed against her back. She blinked—they must’ve been there all along. She’d been so needy about her own breasts she hadn’t even noticed Bridgette’s. Where was Bridgette’s other hand? Without turning to look, Natalie decided it must be somewhere on the pillow above her head.

The room had suddenly turned incredibly hot. Natalie smacked her lips. Taking great care not to disturb Bridgette’s side of the covers, she inched the blankets down nearly to her waist. The cooler air did nothing to quell the fire raging inside her.


I’m Adriana Kraft, and I write both steamy romantic suspense and smoking hot erotic Romance. My husband – a criminologist – is my partner in crime. We’ve been writing romance together for twenty years and by now have published more than fifty novels and novellas.

Our goal? To write characters you’ll care about, hot sex scenes, and  compelling stories you can’t put down. Our romantic suspense novels deliver one man, one woman, danger, intrigue, and of course lots of steam. Our erotic romance is edgier and nearly always includes ménage or polyamory. As you’ve probably guessed, our romantic pairings include MF, FF, and the ménage arrangements FFM, FMF, MFM, foursomes, and more. 

After many years in the upper Midwest struggling with ice-packed driveways and foot-deep snow, we gave my mother’s antiques to the kids, sold our house, and spent a couple years traveling the county in our motor home while working remotely. We especially loved spending several weeks in a region, learning its history and its less popular hidden gems. Santa Fe, Taos, Puget Sound, and the Black Hills were special favorites. 

We now live in sunny southern Arizona, where we enjoy hiking, golf, and travel, especially to the many Arizona Native American historical sites. Oh – and if it’s too hot to go outside? We’ll probably hold an impromptu writing retreat. Arizona summers give us lots of opportunities.



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