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#BookReview – “Soothing the Beast” by Virginie Marconato

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Two souls looking for love, hearts longing for a rhythm they can share with another.

Frigyth and Sigurd, a Saxon and a Dane, walk their own solitary paths day in and day out, never expecting the two should cross. But when Frigyth is attacked by a Norseman living in Sigurd’s village, they find their fates intertwined.

For Sigurd, the attraction is immediate, but how can he act on it? After the trauma she’s been dealt, he knows the last thing she needs is another man vying for her attention. He has no choice but to watch her walk away. When a few days later, the beautiful Saxon returns, begging for his help, he can’t resist. She needs him to pretend to be her husband in order to spare her from a life she does not want.

But can he accept, knowing his feelings? And if what starts out as a pretense turns to something more, will she stay, or walk out of his life forever.


In book 2 of the Noble Norseman series, Sigurd wants only to protect and help Frigyth recover from a traumatic experience and also to hurt the horrible person who had hurt her. He’s a strong, gentle, caring man and is determined to not be the “beast” that some people think he is. Frigyth is such a brave, independent woman. What she went through was terrible, but it didn’t break her. It made her stronger and a person to be admired. Friendship bloomed first and gave way to a slow burn romance. There’s no doubt that Siguard and Frigyth are meant to be together.

The couple from book 1, Wolf and Merewen, returned, and it was great seeing them again.

Ms. Marconato’s Viking romance series is different than most because the heroes are truly that—honorable and decent men, real heroes. I really enjoyed this book.

5 Stars

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