I’m excited to announce that my self-published romance books are now available for DIRECT SALE. No more supporting Amazon and dealing with their arbitrary rules. You can now get the books you want directly from the author–in this case, me!

Please check out my new shop: https://books.amberdaulton.com/ The preorder books are listed (Arresting Alan, Timeless Honor, and Timeless Beginnings), but you can’t buy or order them yet. Sorry! All the other books you see there are good to go!

You can still download my books directly from Amazon and other retailers, but this site is strictly for those who want to avoid big business and, of course, help out the little guy.

For example, Amazon only pays authors 35% to 70% of what you pay. So if you get a great deal on a .99 cents ebook, the author is only getting about .30 cents (and even less if they’re with a publisher, like .08 cents–no joke).

By buying direct from the authors, they get the majority of the royalties, which is great incentive for them to get their butts in the chair and write the next book!

Paypal and Debit Cards are accepted, so if you’re searching for a fun new read, Amber Daulton Romance–The Shop is your stop.