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Timeless Honor is a sensual tale about a modern day woman who accidentally time travels to the past and falls in love with the most unlikely of men. She sets out to thaw Lucas’s frozen heart, but the reclusive baron is more stubborn than she bargained for.

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Release Date: June 11, 2024

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Soul mates born centuries apart. A portal awakens to unite them.

Jaye Ramsey vacations in Bolivia with her friends to prove to her eccentric grandmother that time travel isn’t real. Then she stumbles upon a vortex in the Salar de Uyuni and winds up in Hawksatter, England, 1735—the same town her grandmother had supposedly vanished from as a young woman.

Accused of murdering his bride on their wedding day a decade earlier, Lord Lucas Kenway closed the family farm and shut out the world. He never expected the strange, secretive woman he found sleeping on his doorstep to turn his quiet life upside down—or slip into his bed.

After Jaye discovers a way back to her own time, she’s left with an impossible choice—stay in the past and never see her beloved grandparents again, or return home and lose the only man she’s ever loved.

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Timeless Beginnings is a steamy tale about a young woman who’s searching for her place in the world and winds up accidentally traveling to another century to find it! Destiny pushes her into the arms of a handsome, secretive stranger, but their time together comes with an expiration date. Will she find a way to stay with the keeper of her heart?

Preorder your own copy of Timeless Beginnings today. Only .99 cents!

Release Date: July 9, 2024

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Soul mates separated by time. Destiny intervenes.

Undercover American operative Rodger Ramsey never anticipated encountering a runaway bride amidst the vast salt flats of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. The alluring woman triggers his protective instincts, but her insistence that she’s traveled two hundred years through time tests his patience. It’s 1963, and he’s a man of science, not fantasy.

Forced into an arranged marriage, Leonora Harris flees her husband’s home and stumbles through an underground vortex. Now adrift in a vibrant yet unfamiliar land, she seeks solace in the arms of a captivating stranger. Passion ignites, and the notion of returning to eighteenth-century England fades into oblivion.

Time is not on their side. Rodger’s duty calls him back to the States, and Leonora is trapped without a passport. How will they stay together, or will she survive in this strange new world alone?