Special treat, readers! As you know, I love character interviews, but I especially love it when my one-on-one meetings with said character gets hijacked. Today, I’m talking with Zulma and her delicious mates from Eileen Troemel’s new story, Fractured.

For the record, what’s your name?

Zulma, I’m not human. I’m Falaxian. My world was destroyed by the Dolian Premier. 

That’s terrible! I’m so sorry. Let’s move on to something easier… What do you look like?

Zulma: I’ve got purple hair, golden brown eyes and my skin… 

Drake: It shimmers. Her skin is smooth and soft and glows with the gold hue. She’s incredibly beautiful. 

Parker: The most beautiful female in the universe. 

Zulma: I told you I was doing this on my own.

Stuart: My love, you’ve been gone too long. We were worried.

Claud: We want to make sure they aren’t rude to you. You know how Drake gets.

*fans myself* Wow, Zulma. I adore your mates. They’re so protective! What time period does your story take place?

Zulma: We don’t keep time like you humans do. 

Drake: It’s three years after the corruption of the Conasian government.

Parker: Don’t forget it’s months after the bast… wait are we supposed to keep it clean? Dolian Premier destroyed Falaxia and a ton of other planets. Because he was bored.

Totally okay, Parker. I don’t mind a little cursing now and then. What’s your goal in this story?

Zulma: Now you guys hush. The Dolian Premier was done using me but he couldn’t send me to the brothels so he had his pilots crash land the transport on the prisoner of war planet Laken. My goal was to survive until I can return to my people. They need me.

Stuart: We need you too.

Zulma: I need all of you. 

Parker: You two have a little snuggle. I’ve got this one. Zulma crashed on the planet where we were held as prisoners of war. She brought information about how we could escape. She’s so sweet. We got to a safe place on the planet and we want off the planet. She wants to rescue all of us, including the Sleepers but they can’t be rescued. Once they turn gray, they’re beyond saving. 

That’s really interesting, but it must’ve been so hard for all of you. What conflicts are you facing?

Zulma: Danger surrounds us. 

Claud: We’ll keep you safe, my love. 

Zulma: I know you will. I trust you four. We have to evade the sleepers. Escape the planet where we think there might be a spy from the Premier, and return to my people as they are trying to escape annihilation. 

Parker: Deep breaths. We’ll get it done. I know we will. 

I agree! What is your occupation? Are you any good at it? Do you like it? 

Zulma: I was a warrior. I liked protecting my people but when the Dolian Premier sent his forces to my world….

Stuart: No one comes out alive when the Dolian Premier decides he wants to end them. You didn’t fail. 

Zulma: Many of my people died. So many have been broken. Families fractured into pieces.  

What skill do you have that you’re proud of? Why?

Drake: We’ve got this. She’s kind. Despite what she’s been through, she is compassionate. She thinks of others before herself. 

Stuart: She’s perfect. She’s sassy and fierce. 

Parker: She’s protective. 

Claud: She’s an angel. There is no better person. 

Zulma: They’re all very sweet. I am proud I fought. I didn’t win but I fought against a tyrant. 

At least you tried. What did you think the first time you saw your mates?

Zulma: Go on with you. I was in bad shape when I saw them. I thought they were like… I thought I’d be…

Parker: It’s all right my love. We’re yours now. 

Zulma: I knew they were my mates but I couldn’t claim them. I wasn’t worthy.

Drake: Don’t talk like that. 

Aww. *I pause a moment so they can kiss and hug.* What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

All five of them speak together: War with the Dolian Premier.

I bet. Why do you think your author chose to write about you?

Zulma: I think she understands even the hard stories have to be shared. My mates are protective. They’re worried if I share it will bring up bad memories. I have… {sigh} I have flashbacks. Parker says my brain doesn’t realize I’m safe yet. I’m getting there but they worry. Hope it’s okay they tagged along. Right now, I need their support.

Totally good with me, Zulma. I’m happy to have met all of you. Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you all for visiting me.

Title: Fractured (Love Of The Broken Book 1)
Author: Eileen Troemel
Genre: Science Fiction, Reverse Harem, Dark Scifi Romance
Publisher: Self-Published by Eileen Troemel
Release Date: October 15, 2022


This is a Reverse Harem dark scifi romance. There is cursing and violence. Rape and torture are referred to.

Sent to the prison planet Laken, Zulma expects to be raped and tortured. What she finds there may save her and her people.
Ordered to a crashed Dolian ship, Conasian prisoners of war Drake, Claud, Stuart, and Parker hope to survive the trek through the dangerous sleepers. The downed ship is vital. What they discover will change their future if they survive the sleepers and their own men.




“Oh,” she pulled his face up to meet his eyes and recognized her mate. “You’re my mates.” Her eyes shifted from Drake to Claud to Parker and finally to Stuart.

“All of us, “Claud frowned. 

“He wasn’t,” Parker asked.

She shook her head, shivering with distaste at even the idea of it. “I…my kind has a ritual,”  she said. “To claim our mates. Will you allow me to claim you?”

“Tell us what you need,” Drake said.

“Open your shirts,” she said. Her nails grew and sharpened. She felt the draw to Drake. He would be her first. “It will hurt. But I swear, if we’re true mates, it will be worth it.”

He stood in front of her, chest bare and waited for whatever she needed. Slowly she slashed his chest leaving a single line of  blood oozing out. He cringed and then his expression changed to one of ecstasy. “I claim you as my mate and my love. Our souls are intertwined for this life and all others. Will you be mine and protect me?”

His eyes swept the length of her body. “Until my last breath,” he said.

Starting at the lowest point of the scratch, she lowered her mouth. He held his breath, waited to see what she did. She felt his need for her to compete this ritual.

Surprise and pleasure washed over her as she realized he was her mate or she wouldn’t be able to feel his needs. She slipped her tongue slowly from the lowest point on his abdomen up his chest savoring the taste of him and their bonding.

The wound sealed and looked like a week-old scar. Her mouth took his and he willingly gave his lips to her. 

Eileen Troemel Bio:

USA Today Bestseller Author Eileen Troemel writes action packed and emotionally powerful fantasy, scifi, romance. She’ll try almost any genre if it means she can tell a good story. In addition to her writing, she loves to read, crochet, and research genealogy. Her best days are spent with her family of three adult daughters and her husband or writing.




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