The heroine from Lil DeVille’s sexy romance, The Shape of Heat 1: Awakening, is visiting today! I love character interviews, so I’m thrilled she can be here. Let’s get started…

What’s your name, and who are you in your world?

My name is Candi Peters. I’m a worker at Pearl Beach Resort. I tend bar and serve food and drinks.

Give us a visual. What do you look like?

I’m 21 years old. I have shoulder-length cinnamon-brown hair and hazel eyes. I think I’m rather ordinary-looking. I have pale skin that burns easily and freckles. I think my bust is too small and my hips are too big.

Ahh, c’mon. You sound pretty. I especially love your hair color. What time period and location does your story take place?

My story takes place in the present on Fire Isle, a small island in the Caribbean. It’s such a beautiful place! I never thought I would be so lucky as to live somewhere like this.

Fire Isle? Great name. I bet that island is hot! Are you book-smart, self-taught, or widely-experienced?

I think most people would describe me as book-smart. However, I’ve led a very sheltered life as my family of origin was staunchly religious. People often think I’m either not very bright or I’m just really naive.

That’s too bad. Some people are just so judgmental. Do you get by, live comfortably, live extravagantly?

I grew up living quite comfortably. My family was in the upper middle class. 

Now I live simply but comfortably in a cute three-bedroom cabin at Pearl Beach Resort with my best friends Luisa and Parsifal.

Neat! What event in your past has left the most profound impression on you?

It was the day I realized I was tired of having my family script my life for me. It happened just three weeks before I graduated from high school.

Perhaps Mark Twain is to blame. I started reading all about him to take my mind off the fact that I wasn’t thrilled about being forced into marriage with a guy who believed that women should obey men because the man is the master of the house. I was interested in being a missionary and helping people, but I was starting to think maybe it wasn’t right for me to tell them what to believe in. 

I loved reading about Mark Twain’s travels and all the people he met. I wanted to break away from my sheltered life

Good for you! It’s your life, and you should live it as you like. What’s your quirkiest habit? 

I have a bracelet with multicolored square wooden beads. The beads in the middle spell out my name. When I’m nervous, I fiddle with the beads.

The bracelet was given to me by my high school boyfriend, Henry Hepburn. My parents hoped I would marry Henry. They wanted me to marry Henry more than I wanted to marry Henry or anyone else. I broke up with Henry and ran away to Sunny Coast Hospitality College on Moonlight Island to get my Hospitality degree. 

Is it bad that I love this bracelet more than I ever loved the guy who gave it to me?

Not bad at all. Henry obviously wasn’t right for you. What do you sleep in at night?

I have a simple, cozy twin bed. My room is decorated with all sorts of tropical décor. It might look like a hodge-podge to most people, but to me, it’s home!

Cozy with tropical decor is the best! Thank you for chatting with me Candi. I’ve had fun learning more about you.

Erotic Romance (Five Flames)
#bisexual #menage #m/m #m/f/f #BDSM #spanking #discipline #first time 

Tagline: When you’re surrounded by lust, an awakening is inevitable.


Candi knew hot things happened behind closed doors at the Pearl Beach Resort. After all, the place was owned by bisexual billionaire playboy Boris van Donk, who had a reputation for taking on all comers.

Candi’s family of origin was strictly religious, and she has never given or received more than a chaste kiss in her 21 years. Between bad-boy Boris and her geeky, fun-loving, porn-writing housemates, an awakening of her desires is inevitable.

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PG Excerpt

On the Beach

Two women and a man, all hospitality workers in their early twenties, sat in a remote spot on the soft pink sands of Pearl Beach Resort. Pearl Beach was a tropical hideaway in the Caribbean Sea, offering both relaxing days and exciting nightlife for adults. Fire Isle’s nearby sister island, Moonlight Island, was home to Sunny Coast Hospitality College. Some of the school’s graduates became managers of luxury hotels. Others loved Pearl Beach so much that they stayed on as employees. The three companions were in the latter category. 

During the first meeting for new students, the odd trio, though appearing to have little in common, became fast friends. They complemented each other, and their zeal for their coursework led them to graduate in three years instead of the usual four. Upon graduation, the three friends enthusiastically accepted the offer of employment at Pearl Beach Resort with a three-bedroom cabin to share.

The college and the resort were both presided over by Boris van Donk, a Dutch billionaire whose reputed sexual excesses earned him the nickname “The Dirty Dutchman.” It was rumored that he enjoyed introducing neophytes of both sexes to his fabled collection of erotic toys and practices. Despite his libido being the stuff of legend, van Donk conducted himself with dignity. He never forced his desires on disinterested parties.

Despite their enjoyment of one another’s company, the trio realized there were many things they didn’t know about each other. They wished to strengthen their bond and dedicated an hour every week to unofficial group therapy. During this time, anyone could share his or her secrets. The friends were currently involved in one of these casual counseling sessions.

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In real life, Lil is very shy. When she isn’t cooking up a hot story, she enjoys baking, reading, crafts, and playing mobile games.

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