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Series: Arresting Onyx (book 3)
Publisher: Daulton Publishing
Release Date: October 11th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 85k
Heat Rating: 5 Flames


A one-night stand, a surprise baby, and a mysterious stalker.

Mechanic Benjamin Starwell can’t stop thinking about Belle Hamlin, the ballsy musician he slept with and skipped out on months earlier. He never meant to get her pregnant, but he’ll do whatever it takes to win back her trust and be a part of his child’s life. His desire for Belle drives him to be a better man, but he’s worn thin with a garage to run and his estranged sister dumping her troubles on him.

Belle’s juggling impending motherhood, her indie rock career, and a stalker who’s determined to see her fail. Even though she’s desperate to get her priorities straight, she pushes aside her past hurt and welcomes Benji back into her bed. She never expects him to slip into her heart.

When the danger escalates, they face the greatest challenge of all—protecting their unborn child.

Sexy Excerpt

Her breathing quickened as he thumbed her sensitive nipples. The chiseled muscles in his washboard abs flexed as she trailed her fingers south. She tugged down his boxers and fisted his hot, smooth organ.

He rocked his hips, pushing deeper into her grasp. “Lay down, babe.” As she tightened her grip, he groaned and gripped her arms. “Belle, no.”

“What’s wrong?” She bit back a whimper and released his cock.

He kicked off his underwear and flicked on the bedside lamp.

She blinked rapidly to adjust her gaze to the dim yellow light.

“You took charge last time, so it’s my turn. Undress and lay down.”

“Benji, I—”

“No arguments. You don’t need to be in control all the time. Let me take care of you. Will you do that?”

Belle licked her suddenly dry lips. Damn it. She had to take the lead. If not, she’d swallow the bitter pill of disappointment. God, that pill tasted like ass. Would Benji satisfy her? Live up to her dream man—the sexy, considerate, slightly domineering man she longed to find? There was only one way to find out. She shoved down her pajama bottoms and panties.

“God, you’re beautiful. Bed. Now.”

His guttural tone shot shivers up her spine. Belle crawled onto the mattress, lifted her ass in the air, and shook it.

“Damn, girl. I love a tease.”

She flopped around on the thick, warm blanket and winked at him. The lamplight dispelling the shadows washed his chiseled face and corded chest in a dull glow. His engorged staff bobbing from a patch of dense, dark hair stretched as though desperate for her. After he climbed in and propped himself on his arm, he trailed his rough fingertips down the valley of her breasts to her navel in a caress so slow she mewled in need. Oh my God. So good, but she needed more.

He dipped his fingers south and stroked her nub.

She gasped. “Yes, right there.”

“You’re so wet.” He spread her feminine lips and plunged in two fingers.

She cried out and arched her back, meeting his every thrust. Her belly muscles clenched. Air hissed through her teeth. She fisted his wrist for leverage as he thrust faster inside her.

“Grab a pillow, Belle.” He pried her hand off his wrist and braced it beyond her head.

She squeezed her eyes shut and gripped a pillow with both hands.

He licked the thumping pulse in her neck and trailed the wet heat to her breasts.

Red-hot coals flared under her skin as he claimed one of her nipples with his tongue and teeth. Yes! His knuckles pressed her G-spot and ripped a cry from her mouth. Every muscle in her body screamed for release. Her lungs ached for air. She curled her toes in the blanket, but her cresting orgasm faded as he withdrew his hand and let go of her nipple with a resounding pop.

“Damn it, Benji. What are you doing?” She reached for him but skimmed his arms as he leaned on his knees. Tingles shot through her. She ached all over.

“How much do you want me, Belle?”

“So much. Don’t tease me.”

“Sorry, babe. Teasing you is fun.” He drew circles on her thigh. “Slow, fast. It’s all the same. Either way, I’ll take you to the moon.”

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